Things I Love from Kintamani

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kintamaniYou’ll be probable considering finding its way back since it can be an amazing spot to have some fun on christmas, when you created a trip to Bali. Which place is the favorite? Up to now, after I made a call to East and South Bali, I am keen on visiting in Kintamani. This holiday spot can be found in East Bali. What’re advantages of Bali? Locate them out below:

Mount Batur

Pura Ulun Danau BaturThis source said that Pura Ulun Danau Batur could be the second-most significant temple in Bali where the Pura Besakih could be the first. This old area was built-in 1926. The forehead maintains a brief history and is quite imaginative.

Kintamani is quite well-known due to the Support Batur. It’s one of many many important holiday destinations in East Bali. Mount Batur is definitely an active volcano that’s level about 1,717 measures. That’s why a lot of tourists, both local and international, are interested in visiting Mount Batur.

Outside activities

In Kintamani, people are permitted to see-the splendor of Pura Batur and Mount Batur, but additionally enjoy outside pursuits. Instead, you might attempt cycling, walking, canoeing, and adventuring.

Kintamani dog

You definitely understand there’s your dog breed originally from Indonesia. Canine breed’s brand is strictly just like the region itself, Kintamani. Kintamani pet usually has long-hair

For details about housing in Kintamani or just around, find more info here.

Family ClosenessFamily closeness is a situation in which family members have close relationships. Creating family closeness is absolutely important to make our life more meaningful and bring happiness to a home. Well, what do you do to make your family become much closer? Listed below are the four essentials:

Family dinner

Why dinner? Indeed, it’s probably the only time that enables you to gather in a dining table with your family members because all of them are home. Having a family dinner can be the simplest way to strengthen relationship with family, especially when you have family’s favorite meals on the table. You may have dinner together either at home or a restaurant.

Vacation & physical activities

Vacation is an interesting moment to build family closeness. If you are a parent, you might plan for a family vacation on school holiday. Take some leaves to spend the precious time with your family members. Choose a great place in the world to have fun in. Alternatively, physical activities can be fun, too. You may go to gym with family regularly.

Compliments & critics

Compliments and critics are two main fundamentals to make a family closer. You need to appreciate and praise your loved ones who just achieve something they’ve been dreaming. Nevertheless, it’s not always about the good things. When your family has done wrong, you need to give critics and advise them in right ways.


Finally, you shouldn’t forget to give something special to your family members on particular occasions. Birthday, graduation, and marriage are for examples. Gift is a proof to show your love and appreciation in order to be closer with them.



Fun Things You Can Do Online

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internet accessWhat in the event you do when obtaining trouble to find information that’s unavailable in your book? Irrespective of requesting for your buddy, you’ll find a lot of informative data on web. Anyhow, web may be the correct spot not just to complete exciting such things as described below, but additionally to locate required data:

Enjoy games. Web may be the correct advertising to locate hottest and latest games, if you should be a player. You will find a lot more, City Ville, Dragon City, Lost Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and Point Blank. Enjoying these online games you are able to contend with other players online. Since you are likely to be lazy to review, remember to not enjoy games exceptionally.

Purchase plants. Today, there are lots of on-line florists that offer numerous rose varieties. One of these is Flower Advisor that’s reliable and skilled florist supply.

Do internet dating. Maybe you have dated online? Consider attempting this, when you yourself have not. You simply need certainly to enroll yourself at internet dating companies. Bear in mind to not be lured with good images quickly, therefore to be the target of online scams the dangers could be reduced nicely, if you should be thinking about dating online.

Additionally, you may also view many films and films to create you relaxed and happy at many video and film sharing websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. keep in mind to not misuse web, unless you wish to damage oneself at last!

pilot 1When asked the question ‘ should choose pilot schools abroad ‘? Surely some of you will answer yes and some will say no. If you answered no, it’s not a problem because the answer depends on the perceptions and needs of each. However, this does not mean that you do not have to say yes to the above question because you need to know that there are many benefits that you can get if you choose pilot schools abroad, such as:

Have qualified knowledge and skill. Pilot schools abroad already have professional and experience instructors. They master aviation world in detail, including pilot responsible. They will teach and train you from basic theories to flight practice. If you get difficulty in understanding lessons and training programs, they will help you gladly.

Graduate and get a job fast. In Indonesia itself, the pilot students must take time education more than 1 year to graduate. This is very different from the pilot schools overseas students who can graduate within just one year. Of course, if you want to graduate fast, you have to follow all lessons and training programs as well as possible. Besides, you are required to adapt with new cultures, habits, and foods abroad well, so you can enjoy spending your time there.

Anyway, one of the pilot schools are able to graduate its students within one year is AAA Academy that is located in Philippines. There are most of its graduates who work at well-known and reliable airline in Indonesia, such as: Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, and Air Asia.


Why Do I Love Indonesia?

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In 2000, I got a job in Indonesia. To be honest, at that moment, I did not know about this tropic country at all. Even when my friend asked me where its location was, I just answered ‘somewhere’. When arriving in Jakarta, Indonesia, I felt uncomfortable because I often get stuck in traffic jam. Nevertheless, after a year lived in Jakarta and some provinces in Indonesia, I realized that I loved this country.

i love indonesiaAside from having good tourism places, do you know what I love Indonesia? If you don’t, find the answer below:

It has best places for culinary travel. Indonesia is rich in traditional foods with delicious taste. As a European, I am highly amazed at those foods. Anyway, there are some best places for culinary travel in Indonesia: Padang, Lampung, Bandung, and Jogjakarta. In Padang, tourists can taste deliciousness of rendang. In Lampung, there are tempoyak and seruit. In Bandung and Jogjakarta, tourists can taste somay, gado-gado, batagor, pecel lele, and much more.

It has friendly society. In each province that I ever visited, I found friendly society. They accepted me well although I am a foreigner. They taught me about many things, including their habits in daily activities.

It has various cultures, religions, and arts. There are a lot of cultures and arts in Indonesia, such as: Reog Ponorogo, Wayang Kulit, Ludruk, etc. Besides, people who have different religions can live comfortably in this country. For instance, I am often invited by my moslem neighbors to celebrate lebaran (Idul Fitri and Idul Adha) together whereas I am not moslem.


The Risks of Renting Car Carelessly

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RiskAt the time being, there are many car rental companies that pop up continuously. Those companies admit that they are trusted and professional. In fact, they prioritize to generate money only without paying attention to customers’ satisfaction. They usually don’t look after their cars professionally, so those cars have bad performance.

Unfortunately, many customers don’t realize this because they are tempted with offered cheap prices. How about you? You need to know that renting car carelessly, you can get these risks:

Waste much money. Bad car usually consumes more fuel. This happens because engine is forced to work hard whereas it still needs treatment. Besides, bad car is easy to break down, so you have to bring it to workshop.

Get discomfort. What do you feel if your rented car cannot drive well? You surely feel uncomfortable, right? The worst part is you can stress out and lose concentration on driving. This is a big deal because you can get car accidents.

Get car accident. Driving unmaintained car there is much possibility for you to get car accidents. Why? Bad car usually does not have good engine anymore. If you continue driving it, engine will be broken. Imagine if your car stops abruptly in crowded highway, you can be hit by other drivers.

To prevent all these problems, trust only trustworthy and professional car rental companies that provide well-maintained cars. If you want to rent car in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, or Kerawang, visit PT. Tunas Gracia Muda that also offers high quality printing and catering services.


Tertarikkah Anda dengan Dunia PNS?

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pnsTak terhitung berapa banyak orang yang tertarik dengan dunia PNS. Mereka rela menjadi tenaga honorer berpuluh tahun atau ikut tes yang demikian ramainya demi untuk itu. Kalau ditanya apa alasan mereka, jawabannya beraneka ragam.

Ada yang bilang ada banyak hal yang tak perlu dipikirkan pns, seperti dana pensiun, jaminan kesehatan, gaji besar, dan jaminan kerja.

Ada juga yang bilang kalau PNS adalah profesi paling terhormat di masyarakat. Lihat saja, kalau mertua punya menantu seorang PNS, sayangnya dan bangganya tak terkira. Kalau saya pribadi ditanya apakah saya tertarik menjadi PNS atau tidak, terus terang saya jawab tidak.

Sebuah artikel menyadarkan saya. Di sana disebutkan kalau di dalam dunia PNS itu tak ada persaingan. Ilmu cetek dan dalam gajinya sama saja. Pikiran tak akan berkembang saat jadi PNS. Yang dilakukan adalah hal yang itu-itu saja, kecuali mungkin tenaga kesehatan di mana selalu menemukan solusi baru untuk penyakit untuk pasiennya. Di sana juga dibilang, kalau mau berkarya jangan jadi PNS.


Tips Pacaran Hemat

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hemat pacaranHampir semua orang bilang kalau pacaran itu butuh modal (terutama buat cowok). Gimana nggak? Pacaran itu kan perlu makan bareng, belanja, kesan-kesini, dll.

Kalau sayangnya kamu seorang cowok yang saat ini sedang nggak punya pekerjaan, tapi beruntungnya kamu dapat pacar yang sangat pengertian (nggak mempermasalahkan kebuntuan kamu), ini tips buat pacaran hemat:

Jangan keluar rumah. Tips pertama buat pacaran hemat adalah dengan tanpa keluar rumah. Kencan saja di rumah. Malah kamu bisa lebih akrab loh. Kamu bisa curhat, nonton TV, masak, dll, bareng. Kalau mau makan, makan saja apa yang ada di meja makan atau yang ada dalam kulkas.

Jangan lama-lama. Kalau kamu akhirnya bosan juga pacaran di rumah, coba keluar sekali-sekali tapi jangan lama-lama. Paling lama sejam lah. Kalau terlalu lama, nanti pacar kamu tergoda membeli tas.

Bawa makanan dari rumah. Nah, kalau lagi pengen keluar, solusi lainnya kamu harus bawa bekal dari rumah. Bawa makanan yang dimasak orang rumah atau bawa snack yang ada di kulkas. Hal itu tentunya buat menghindari makan di luar.

Terdengar menyedihkankah?


Mitos di Beberapa Air Terjun

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airterjun2Berwisata, pastilah semua orang menginginkannya. Pasalnya, berwisata adalah salah satu ajang yang dapat menghilangkan rasa jenuh dan stres. Di sisi lain, berwisata juga digadang-gadang bermanfaat untuk dapat meningkatkan kedekatan dengan keluarga.

Ngomong-ngomong soal wisata, ada banyak wisata alam yang sering dikunjungi. Selain pantai dan pegunungan, air terjun juga menjadi tempat wisata yang paling diminati. Terkadang, hal yang membuat air terjun diminati bukan sekedar keindahan alamnya saja, tetapi juga karena mitos yang dimilikinya. Berikut ini air terjun yang penuh mitos.

Air Terjun Sendang Gile. Air terjun  yang memiliki ketinggian kurang lebih 35 meter ini berlokasi di Lombok. Legenda yang tersimpan dari air terjun ini adalah jika para pengunjung yang membasuhkan wajahnya dengan menggunakan air tersebut maka dipercaya akan awet muda.

Air Terjun Jeruk Manis. Air terjun yang berada di bawah kaki Gunung Rinjani ini memiliki ketinggian kurang lebih 40 meter. Menurut masyarakat setempat, ari terjun ini dipercaya bisa menyembuhkan  penyakit dan menyuburkan rambut

Air Terjun Nglirip. Air terjun yang memiliki ketinggian sekitar 30  meter ini berlokasi di Jawa Timur. Konon, jika ada pasangan yang datang maka hubungan mereka akan putus atau kandas di tengah jalan.


Shopping Online

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shop online2Since I have known what shopping online is, I love and do it. Exactly, I knew it when I was still single (I was in high school about twenty years ago). At that time, because I was a high school student and unfortunately I was a good student, I always shopped books online.

Besides, because I started being a teen girl, I also shopped beauty products and clothes. I did so when I became a college student. Books, beauty products, and clothes still became favorite things to be bought online.

The condition changed since I have got married. I certainly stopped buying books because I didn’t need them anymore. However, I also slowly stopped buying clothes because I started knowing that I need to save money and shouldn’t think about myself.

Do you know what things I always buy online now (or since I have become a housewife)? They’re kitchen appliances. Yes, I now love shopping kitchen appliances online. Why? It’s because I need them.